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OMF is a control, measurement and management framework for experimental platforms (aka testbeds).

OMF was originally developed for the ORBIT wireless testbed at Winlab, Rutgers University. Since 2008, OMF has been extended and maintained by NICTA (Australia) in collaboration with Winlab. It can now operate on testbeds with many different type of resource technologies. It is deployed and used on many testbeds in Australia, Europe, and in the U.S. OMF is also being extended further to support exciting new features and technologies. This website is hosting this ongoing activity. In addition to the main OMF software, this site also hosts sub-projects addressing various testbed related initiatives.

About OMF

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Reference and Citation

If you use OMF to perform some experiments and later decide to publish them and/or their results, we would kindly appreciate that you cite the following OMF paper in your publication's references:

  • Thierry Rakotoarivelo, Max Ott, Guillaume Jourjon, Ivan Seskar, "OMF: a control and management framework for networking testbeds", in ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review 43 (4), 54-59, Jan. 2010.

This paper is available on NICTA's publication database, which also provides its BibTex entry


If you find a bug, please log in to this website and click New issue in the top menu. If you do not have an account, feel free to register. Alternatively, you can send your bug report via email: omf_issues AT mytestbed.net (does not require an account). Please attach log files and describe which version of OMF and what platform you are using.

Mailing List

You may subscribe to our user mailing list to post any OMF-related questions, and browse the mailing list archives holding many frequently asked questions.



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